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Why it pays to go with BTCSoftware

The friendliest and most efficient support around. Suitable for everyone.

BTCSoftware have always taken pride in their support and meeting client requests has always been at the heart of our mission to continue to provide even better compliance and support to our customers.

Tom Kingsley from Kingsley Accountancy agrees that not only do BTCSoftware provide great support, but they offer products that suit individual Accountancy Practices and businesses- which was perfect for him!

See why Tom Kingsley uses BTCSoftware

Software that can extract data from Xero or similarity instantly which avoids re keying – because rekeying is a waste of time.

  • Best Compliant software in the business
  • Brilliant Support who are friendly
  • BTCSoftware work very closely with HMRC

“BTCSoftware is simple – fully featured, its powerful, its familiar – if you know how to use a computer- then you know how to use BTCSoftware!”

In this video, Tom Kingsley explains why BTCSoftware is a core asset to his company.

Ensuring that customers are taken care of

Business Development Director of BTCSoftware Paul Oldridge “We are proud to have a fantastic support team for our customers together with our robust and reliable software. Quite often updates and developments of the software is led by our customers who use the software every day. So, we are delighted to be able to continue to provide a cost-effective solution for them”

A solution for all types of Accountants

“A Brilliant Solution for new practices- with such a scalable pricing range”

BTCSoftware pride themselves in being able to help all types of Accountants- no matter where they are in their journey. We can grow with your business- so you won’t incur extra costs.

Integrations with bookkeeping providers

As Tom mentioned in the video BTCSoftware also work with bookkeeping software providers such as Xero, Quickbooks, FreeAgent, Sage and Reckon One.

Integrations with Excel & Spreadsheets too

Spreadsheet friendly for Making Tax Digital for VAT – the software enables Accountants to keep their VAT data in their existing and even multiple spreadsheets – irrespective of how those are set up and what spreadsheet software they use. BTCSoftware’s MTD Solution draws the data in digitally from the spreadsheet into an MTD for VAT friendly format for submission to HMRC.

How to find out more

Contact the team for more information at sales@btcsoftware.co.uk or tel: 0345 241 5030.

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