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VAT Encouragement Letters

Well at last or as many accountants have actually been saying at long last HMRC finally put out something about MTD for Vat directly to vat registered businesses.

November 2018 the letters are being sent out and MTD for Vat starts from April 2019, talk about brinksmanship or what.

Brinksmanship for me is taking something dangerous to the very limit in order to gain an advantage. So what advantage could HMRC have in leaving this to November 2018? To me it’s all about taking the strain off their stretched services and passing the burden off to the taxpayers themselves or most likely as the letter actually does their Accountant. Obviously, they will retort that isn’t that what you accountants wanted us to do? To keep you involved and remind your clients to contact you?

The answer of course is yes we did but you know we have been asking for this for years, yes years ever since MTD was announced and what has happened? Well HMRC actually act in November 2018 which we know will mean that we have to take calls from our clients to explain not only the content of the letter but also the context of the letter and all just as most small practices and many larger ones are gearing up for the annual January hiatus that is the filing deadline.

Could this have been done sooner? Of course it could. Should this have been done sooner?  Of course it could but this way HMRC will announce they have given MTD for Vat publicity and they have also tried to build bridges with Accountants by involving them in the process.

Sadly, I have to say that the truth is something else altogether.

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