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Two major new ICPA benefits

The past three months, since our last edition, has been tough. We have had to keep up-to-date with a constant stream of output from HMRC, nearly always starting on a Friday night. Thank you for that HMRC – NOT!

We’ve had the easing of lockdown and then the re-imposition of it at a local level. And all the time new initiatives are being put forward, like Eat Out to Help Out – if you forgive the pun – to get our teeth into. You can add to this having to keep on top of changes to the furlough scheme and keeping a constant watch on the necessity of loans for our clients.

Making sure that our members are up-to-date and best able to meet head on the ‘new normal’ has kept us really busy, but I decided that we needed to do something new, something that would help our members in a tangible material way and where possible help their clients also.

The results have been better than I’d hoped for: we have secured not one but two major new benefits in this period that will add significant value to your membership and, in one case, to your clients.

I’ll cover both in more detail in separate articles, but let’s start with Rhino Trade Insurance, a major new benefit that will earn you commission and save countless of your clients money, pure and simple.

However, as Jimmy Cricket used to say, “there’s more”. We have also joined forces with LexisNexis to provide every member with free, unfettered access to TolleyLibrary Elements, providing you with a powerful tax reference tool that was beyond the budget of many practices. And all at no additional cost.

It’s what we do: provide the very best package of benefits to our members. Where we lead others struggle to follow, but even while bringing these initiatives to fruition we have managed to get hundreds of our members Professional Indemnity Insurance renewed and locked in for the coming year. We have also seen our membership grow to over 1,150 practices, which proves beyond doubt that what we are doing is being appreciated, and it give us the impetus to do even more for them – and we most certainly will.

We have made our voice heard with HMRC, especially over the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme, and we will continue to do our best to ensure that small practice accountants get the recognition they deserve and their work merits. We are going to stand up and be counted if they overstep the line.

Yes it’s been a tough time of late for accountants, but our ability to influence decision makers, to get their voices heard where before they were silent or shouted over, to get even more benefits, has set us apart. The ICPA will certainly not stand still and admire our work and to any accountant reading this magazine who is not a member I urge you to check out our website (www.icpa.org.uk) and see for yourself just why we continue to grow, even in tough times.

• Tony Margaritelli, Chairman, ICPA

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