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The joy of qualifying but learning is a lifetime commitment

I was recently really pleased to attend the annual PQ magazine awards in London. Awards were handed out to excited recipients for student body of the year, college of the year, lecturer of the year, PQ of the year, NQ of the year and apprentice of the year among others. The room was full of people basically devoted to our profession either as educators or students and the noisiest and most excited were not necessary the students.

Talking to the students on the night their enthusiasm at learning about accountancy was infectious, matched only by the lecturers, teachers and mentors willingness to help them do just that.
What struck me was that the students understood that achieving their goal of qualification to the institute of their choice was not seen as the be all and end all of being an accountant whether in industry or in practice. They understood that they would have to continue with CPD/CPE and they were not in the slightest concerned.

The lecturers, teachers and mentors must take a lot of credit for instilling this recognition that actually qualification is only the beginning in the journey to becoming a good accountant and a good accountant is always learning.

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