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Recommendations cut both ways

The reality is that the majority of new business for any accountant is from recommendations from existing clients. I know it’s not as sexy as if we were able to say from social media or via direct message on Twitter or Facebook or off our wonderful Practice App but it is the fact that virtually every accountant I know agrees with.

We crave those recommendations because they bring potential clients to us already with a ringing endorsement from an existing client, they have been given contact numbers, email addresses, names including first names and website addresses and most likely directions from their home and office or workplace to the office so the whole about us section of the website is dealt with.

They will have been told what software we promote and how easy it is but also that we are always available to help if they have a problem and of course that we helped sort out tax problems and we’re a great help with staff issues.

These are the recommendations we love to get and of course we are great at saying thank you to our clients for their efforts in thinking of us when the opportunity presented itself.  Some practices will have a system in place to try to generate as many recommendations as possible and will involve all the staff from reception upwards in this endeavour.

Great for us and long may it continue but how are we at giving recommendations to our clients? When we are working on their accounts do we think that possibly we could recommend one of our motor mechanic clients to our School of Motoring client that seems to be paying a lot for repairs? Do we think to recommend our gardener client when one of our client’s mentions they are doing some work in their garden? Have we a system in place to make the staff think recommendations during the accounts prep processes?

If you give, you get back as my mother used to say and as every boss I’ve ever worked under also said and you know what it has always worked and as they say it’s better to give than receive but if you follow this procedure I honestly believe you will receive in equal measure.

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