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People/Customers never forget how you made them feel

In her latest article on dealing with Covid-19, Tracy Ebdon-Poole explains how TaxCalc is committed to making their customers’ businesses better.

“I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

Tony Margaritelli reminded me of these words that were in my last article, and they have given much food for thought when penning the next instalment for this Winter issue.

Our tumultuous world is sadly more polarised than ever. Every day we see enormous acts of kindness alongside self-serving behaviours that make you want to cry (don’t get me started on Trump, he’s not done yet). The NHS exemplifies all that is good in our society, and the pandemic has forced good deeds to the top of our collective agenda. The great work being done at grass roots level, with record donations to foodbanks, and the same for Children in Need, testify to the human desire to do good and to be mindful of one another in a crisis, which is heartening and needs to be held onto. 

There’s no greater joy than making others feel safe, cared for and easing their lives. I’m acutely aware of this with regard to those close to me – and not just my family, but also my staff, my customers and our community. Our extended family so to speak. It’s a long-held ethos that I’ve tried my best to maintain, through thick and thin.

I’ve mentioned our ‘From TaxCalc With Love’ campaign before, which has raised funds and supported the NHS. Under this umbrella, we’ve also actively supported our customers, particularly those smaller practices that are generally more vulnerable to the economic rollercoaster and the shockwaves reverberating through the economy. We thought to ourselves, if the NHS can reorganise itself to save lives, then so can we to save businesses and jobs.

Because we’re independent, we’re nimble. We’ve been able to reorganise and redeploy resources and adapt to meet our customers’ challenges. We’ve taken the bull by the horns and made some serious changes.

We’ve restructured prices to put our software within the reach of even the most modest practice. Under our ‘Customer Champions’ initiative, our support team has been reorganised and bolstered to offer the level of support which will be so greatly needed as the busy season approaches and our customers will need to cope with more than just an increased workload, but also the complexities of clients with changed circumstances all on top of the challenges of remote working. We’ll be extending our support hours over December and January as we always do, too.

We already provide solutions that enable remote working via our Cloud-based service; empower collaboration and control through practice management and do away with the physical necessity of paper and face-to-face meeting with our document management and e-signing tools. On top of that, we continually improve our current products with a slew of improvements that keep in step with changing legislation, incorporate enhancements that address Covid-imposed changes, plus thoughtful additions that allow our customers to do more, more efficiently – for no extra charge. All our customers have to do is hit the ‘Update’ button. Our latest update has just been released and is packed with improvements across our product range. This continual investment often goes unnoticed, but it’s all part of the service.

We know our customers are busy and preoccupied (in some instances with saving their clients from insolvency), so we’ve posted bulletins on the SEISS, furlough scheme, Winter Plan and others. This means our customers need stray no further than their inbox or terminal to stay informed of complex issues.

The illustrious Tony M has said on previous occasions that we have ‘the human touch’, which I take as a huge compliment. I’d like to offer one illustration of this that goes back, way past our present sticky situation. The TaxCalc user-experience, the ease with which a customer engages with our software, is a classic example of what sets us apart. Our ‘Precision-engineered Pixel Department’, headed by our guru of UX, Paul Harmer, pours passion into the science and art of making the customer feel at home with TaxCalc.

I’m blessed that this passion for the customer and their needs echoes throughout the company. I always say it because it’s true, I’m exceptionally proud of our people and their commitment to doing the right thing. 

With news of a vaccine and Biden’s eventual ascension to the throne, we cautiously witness a pivotal moment in the world. Hope begins to glimmer. At some point, after the billions spent keeping our economy and society intact, there will be payback in the form of taxation, there is no doubt. I see it as our responsibility in enabling the accountancy community to play its part in the process of making the UK great again (I steal this from Trump as it’s the only good thought he’s ever had).

As we face a Self Assessment season like no other, I say to you all, we’re here to make you feel supported and cared for. That’s always been our intention and always will be. That’s the TaxCalc Feel-good Factor. Stay safe.

Tracy Ebdon-Poole is Chief Executive of TaxCalc

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