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Out of Office? Get it right

We are all familiar with the ubiquitous “out of office” notification on email addresses and there is no doubt it serves a purpose.

If we are on holiday or are likely to be away from the office we can let clients etc. know and it can be used to re-direct the enquirer to a colleagues email address in our absence so on the whole a good thing.

But how often do you check your notifications?  Is your email automatically telling all your clients that you are on your Xmas holidays until Monday the 2nd January 2019 when today is the 8th January 2019? Is your email telling potential clients that the office is now closed for the Christmas break opening on the 2nd January 2019 when today is the 8th January 2019? Are you telling clients actual and potential that you are out of office having limited access to emails until a date sometime in the last week?

Out of Office notifications have a place and are useful but if you get it wrong then actually you make existing clients think you either don’t know the date or don’t bother to keep an eye on things or are frankly stupid, none of which is good is it? As for potential clients if they have been recommended or have found you via a search and have actually sent an email how do you think they will react to an Accountant that can’t get the dates right?

Please if you use the Out of Office facility make sure you use it correctly and why not check yours out now just in case.     

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