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Onwards and Upwards in 2018

Whenever I sit down to write my articles for this magazine I’m always trying to juggle the time it takes to get the copy to our managing editor Adam Riches of Armstrong Media and when the magazine will actually arrive on your desk. Every year we always seem to just be on the cusp of a Budget and this year is no different – this issue is targeted to reach you in the first week of December and the budget will have happened on 22 November.

There will be separate coverage of the Budget elsewhere in this magazine, so for now I’ll be looking at other issues. And what a great issue we have put together for you, with Steve Pipe continuing to write for us. We have a great article by Simon Palmer on handling payroll post GDPR, as well as further content on that subject elsewhere in this issue. We will be returning to GDPR in forthcoming issues, and keep your eye on the ICPA website for articles on this as more accountancy-specific content becomes available.

Having already mentioned Steve Pipe, I’m really pleased to announce that he has agreed to do the Keynote presentation at our Practice Evolution Conference on 7 June 2018 in London. And as if that wasn’t enough, I’ve also managed to secure a presentation from the queen of cloud accounting and social media, the multiple-award-winner Elaine Clark. I’ve also enticed our ICPA resident VAT guru Melanie Lord to come along as well, so please check your diary now for 7 June. You can get yourself a ticket now by calling 0800 074 2896, because it’s shaping up to be the ‘go to’ event of the year.

Some time ago I started a series of short ‘In Practice’ video blogs, short takes on what has been occurring in our world as accountants in practice in the previous month (they last 10 minutes or so). If you missed them they are still available on our YouTube channel. Recently I thought it might be a good idea to spend a little longer and devote a whole webinar (about 45 minutes) to a single topic by interviewing an expert in a given field. I’ve called these ‘Tony Talks’, and so far I’ve interviewed Richard Simms of the AMLCC on the 4MLD, and Richard Sutton of Iwoca on raising finance without using a traditional bank. I also recently interviewed CronerTaxwise’s MD Ben Chaplin on all things fee protection, including general matters concerning tax investigations (I’m old school – I don’t call them enquiries, I call them what they are, investigations). Again, if you missed them they are all available via our YouTube channel, and literally hundreds of accountants have registered and listened to these. If you have a topic that you would like me to cover, or a presenter that you would like me to try to interview, please feel free to email me at tony@icpa.org.uk and I’ll see what I can do.

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who attended our Practice Evolution Conference in Manchester in September and the Accounting Live Exhibition in Glasgow in November, and who took the time to seek me out and have a chat. Thanks for the kind words and the support – it means a lot to me personally and the whole ICPA team, and it shows what we are doing and trying to achieve on your behalf is valued.

Practice Evolution 2018

We can now announce the dates for our Practice Evolution conferences for next year: Thursday 7 June (London) and Thursday 27 September (Manchester). Special ‘super early bird’ discounts are available if you book before 31 December 2017.

The keynote speakers have been confirmed – they are Steve Pipe in London (no introduction necessary) and Paralympian and former world record holder Danny Crates will be in Manchester. Backing them up we have in London the incomparable Elaine Clark, and Melanie Lord will be looking at all things VAT. And social media expert Nick Lewis has agreed to present in Manchester. More big names will be added to complete the line up, so don’t wait, get that special discount now – visit www.practiceevolution.co.uk.

  • Tony Margaritelli, Chair, ICPA

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