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On-boarding is easier and cheaper with Accountancy Manager and ICPA

Now you can onboard new clients quickly, efficiently and effortlessly with AccountancyManager, says Phil Webb

Growing an accountancy practice is an exciting prospect right now. With the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape you’ll be on your toes and working your fingers to the bone. Growth requires more clients and that moment they say “Yes!” is an exciting one and one you’re most likely chasing.

But then it happens… the admin. As an accountant you have a lot of boxes to tick, documents to collect, compliance and details to sort. And yes, those new clients aren’t always the best at getting them to you.

There’s a better way. As a former accountant James Byrne knew all about these onboarding tasks and he felt it was time to make the life of an accountant easier and, more importantly, more efficient and profitable.

AccountancyManager is a customer relationship management tool (CRM) built for accountants that (among a lot of other things) automates the onboarding process.

There’s a better and more efficient way to onboard your new clients. Here’s the old way…

• Take a call or enquiry and meet the client.

• Take a pen and paper to record the client’s details and notes.

• After the meeting you then re-type your notes onto a CRM or Excel spreadsheet.

• Create an email (probably from scratch) to the client outlining the proposal and attach a letter of engagement and terms for them to print out and sign.

• Once they sign, they need to scan and email back or post/return to the office.

• Request two forms of ID. If you’re unable to meet face to face they will likely need to take a trip to a post office for a check to be carried out.

• You receive this, scan it, and file it into a storage system.

• If there are missing details from the client, you’ll need to email or call them, then update the CRM or spreadsheet.

• Get your client to complete a 64-8 and send back the hard copy so you can then send it on to HMRC.

• Any further outstanding documents will need to be brought into your office manually.

And here’s the new way with AccountancyManager…

1. Meet the new client.

2. Add the details straight to AccountancyManager.

3. Select the services you’re providing them and automatically create a proposal ­email for the client there and then.

4. The proposal will contain a link to the secure client portal.

5. The client will click the link and then

e-sign the letter of engagement and terms (which have been prepopulated depending on the services selected).

6. Use AccountancyManager’s Digital AML checking service to confirm the clients identity.

7. Submit a digital 64-8 through AccountancyManager’s direct integration with HMRC.

8. It even provides the client with a document-sharing facility for uploading sensitive information.

The client portal gives them and you total control.

Once your client is registered on the portal, they can update and add all the information you need based on an automated list created by the system. Then AccountancyManager will automatically notify you and update the CRM when anything happens and tracks what’s outstanding.

This puts an end to the re-entry of data. Entering the client details manually can cause errors and double entry of data should be avoided at all costs. We’ve even integrated the system into Companies House, so you can simply type in their company name and it populates all the information for you!

Getting engaged just got easier

Of course, it’s not just the onboarding that’s a struggle. Getting engagement letters back signed and gaining permission to talk to the client’s incumbent accountant is also necessary, yet time-consuming.

To get things rolling as effectively as possible we automated this, too. All you need is the email address of the previous accountant. The system will send clearance emails requesting all the relevant information you need.

Management of workflow

Once they’re on board, you may need to register your client for certain taxes. AccountancyManager will create a workflow for these initial tasks as well as the compliance tasks, distributing them across your staff users automatically.

For example, once you’ve entered the period end dates or let AccountancyManager pull them automatically from Companies House (soon to include HMRC) you’ll have all the tasks you need to perform set up automatically, saving you and your practice time and ensuring nothing gets missed.

Special deal for ICPA members

Join AccountancyManager now and say hello to faster client management and leaner, more efficient processes. If you’re an ICPA member you’ll qualify for a discount, bringing the price down from £39 + VAT per user/per month to just £25 + VAT per user/per month for the first 12 months.

• Phil Webb is Business Development Manager at AccountancyManager

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