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New customers only?

Every time an advert quotes a really good price you often see the tag “New customers only” Our initial euphoria is soon dampened by the thought so what happens to us when we become old customers? The answer is obvious and not very pleasant and if we take up the offer we make sure that we check cancellation periods or make a big note to check on prices at renewal or at whatever is the regular billing interval.

If we are already existing customers and are barred from getting the new price the annoyance is tangible and often we take to social media to complain or bemoan the lack of care.

Now as accountants are we falling into the same trap of treating our existing clients in any way different from potential clients? are we offering a rate or price to a potential new client that was actually recommend to us by an existing client which is lower than our usual charge? Are we banking on the new client not telling the existing client? Is this the right way to behave?

There may well be a very limited new client offer but if we start trying to basically buy new business to the detriment of existing loyal clients we run the risk of having a lot less clients going forward.

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