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Marketing and Covid: Focus on what you can do not what you can’t

Lloyd Jones explains why it’s important to maintain a marketing strategy at this time of global pandemic.

Firstly, given the current awful circumstances we all find ourselves in, I’d just like to wish all ICPA members good health, on behalf of the entire team here at Get Seen Now.

Sadly, there is no crystal ball to see the future. If there were, we all would have been better prepared for Covid-19 and the current lockdown circumstances we all find ourselves in currently. Some could have been more prepared than others, you may say… I couldn’t possibly comment.

In our case at Get Seen Now, we’ve been lucky enough to all be able to work from home without too much upheaval, although I realise this isn’t the case for a lot of people, very sadly.

As this shocking pandemic sweeps across large parts of our world, practices can be forgiven for not having their marketing strategy at the top of their agenda. This should be the opportunity you take to instill comfort and loyalty into your clients, both current and prospective.

We have tried to offer help to our clients and show them that we can be part of a positive support network. There are myriad ways you can go about this, for example:

  • Financial and human resources support available for freelancers or employees on the furlough system.
  • Best practices for working from home.
  • Balancing home schooling and remote working/home offices.
  • Guides on how to create a successful webinar.
  • Help on conducting face-to-face meetings via online platforms such as Skype, Zoom and the like.
  • Charities/funds for donations.

Think about what your clients are experiencing, and let them know you will be there to support them during this strange time.

Do try to be honest in what you’re going through, too. Whether it’s the struggles of having the kids at home, what it emotionally feels like to be working from home, furloughed, or the simple confusion over what day of the week it is – now all days seem to have merged into one.

In simple terms of marketing output, we all know engagement is everything – but this metric is so much more than that during this time; engagement levels are a byproduct of the opportunity you have to directly converse and interact with your clients and broader community.

According to recent numbers, nearly 80% of influencers have reported higher engagement from their followers over the past couple of weeks. Don’t forget – people are online more now, with average screen time going through record levels, so your captive audience is there for you – as long as you are hitting the right notes and striking the correct tone and balance in your output.

Whether it be email marketing (people are more likely to be going through that long put-off job of clearing their inbox!) or your social media output – don’t be afraid of gently mentioning that new product or service you offer. Just don’t make it the focus of your activities.

Keep your clients informed

You should communicate about the proactive measures you’re taking and policy updates related to Covid-19. Though these messages might be getting memed, etc., on social media they will add value to customer relationship in the long term – precisely because they are informative and empathetic.

Don’t panic – it’s important to keep people informed, but don’t be one of those who adds to the panic, especially via your social media channels. Be mindful of overly dramatic language, as well as any additional information you’re sharing (always use credibly-sourced news articles or tips).

You have to remember that many people are not working during this time and are genuinely worried. As your default position, a spirit of humility and empathy should be a must for anything your practice says in the near future.

And things are changing every day, every hour even. Be mindful of your message.

Stay safe everyone.

• Lloyd Jones is the Senior Client Relationship Manager at Get Seen Now, which has exclusive member benefits for ICPA members. Contact him at Lloyd@getseennow.co.uk or go to www.getseennow.co.uk.

Get Seen Now has exclusive digital marketing, website development and social media member benefits for ICPA members. For more go to www.getseennow.co.uk.

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