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If clients will pay for a sun lounger on holiday then why don’t you charge for all your work?

News today that some holiday makers will be offered the opportunity to as the advert said “beat the Germans” to the poolside sun lounger.

I cannot recall how much they were requesting per sun lounger but apparently the pool side sun lounger could be booked in advance of leaving the UK ready for day one of the holiday.

Now not all the sun loungers were being made available for booking but the inference was those nearest the pool would be.

So, if you couldn’t manage to get up early enough to apparently lay your towel on the lounger before those early rising pesky Germans you could now pay for your new found dual pleasure of getting a lounger near the pool whilst at the same time getting some small vestige of payback for countless footballing defeats at the hand of the Germans.

So it shows quite categorically that people will pay for what they want and yet as I go around the country talking to accountants everywhere I’m struck by how many times when discussing work they end the piece with the phrase “and of course you can’t charge for that” or words very similar.

I usually retort with “why on earth not” and often a vague “well you know” is all I get back.

People will pay for what they really want and we know that our clients really want their Tax Returns in on time, there Accounts in on time, their tax liabilities established and understood and mitigated wherever possible so will they pay for this?

I think so but you do have to actually make the charge to begin with.

By Tony Margaritelli (ICPA Chairman)

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