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ICPA now provide FREE access to LexisNexis Elements

Recognise any or all of the publications listed below? Any your personal favourite? I’ve been a Tolley Tax Guide reader for more years than I care to remember and it’s nearly always the first book I go to if I have question. For many the Orange and Yellow Tax Handbooks are a ‘must-have’ in every tax department.

All of these books are Tolley staples and it is most likely that at sometime in your career you will have leafed through one or more of them as you grappled with a thorny tax issue on behalf of a client.

Now ICPA members will full interactive access to each and every one of these books, augmented by latest news and analysis from Tolley on VAT, corporate and business tax, personal and employment taxes and up-to-the-minute breaking news. Think how helpful this would have been to your practice in the early days of the pandemic.

By interactive I mean you can simply read your chosen book, search across all the books, some of the books or any specified individual book. Having found what you are looking for you can download all or some of it, you can go old-style and actually print out a copy, and you email sections to clients or colleagues. You can restrict yourself to searching HMRC’s manuals or guidance to get the view straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were. 

Here you can read Andrew Hubbard’s Weekly Tax Case Review, as well as the weekly round-up of HMRC manual changes, which should have your tax department team salivating.

A simple log-in direct from our site and you and your team are in.

How much will this cost? How about if I ask you how much do you think it costs? Thousands, no doubt, but this being the ICPA let me tell you all this will be available to you for free – for each and every ICPA member.

Taxation is the backbone of any accounting practice and taxation keeps changing. It’s changing so very fast that keeping up-to-date is time consuming and costly. Now with the ICPA and TolleyLibrary Elements it’s suddenly become a whole lot easier – and definitely more affordable.

• Tony Margaritelli, Chairman of ICPA

  • Budget Service
  • Finance Act Handbook
  • Finance Bill Tracking Service
  • General Case Digest
  • HMRC Clearance and Approvals
  • HMRC Manuals
  • HMRC Manuals Archive
  • Inland Revenue Tax Bulletins Archive
  • Orange Tax Handbook
  • Orange Tax Handbook Archive 14-15 to 17-18
  • Orange Tax Handbook Archive 09-10 to 13-14
  • Orange Tax Handbook Archive 04-05 to 08-09
  • Orange Tax Handbook Archive 99-00 to 03-04
  • Revenue Scotland Manuals
  • Smart Forms Tax
  • Specialist Case Digests
  • Specialist News Analysis
  • Specialist Regulatory Materials
  • Specialist Tax Regulatory Materials
  • Specialist Tax Statutory Instruments
  • Tolley’s Tax Computations
  • Tolley’s Capital Allowances
  • Tolley’s Capital Allowances Archive
  • Tolley’s Capital Gains Tax
  • Tolley’s Capital Gains Tax Archive
  • Tolley’s Company Law Handbook
  • Tolley’s Corporation Tax
  • Tolley’s Corporation Tax Archive
  • Tolley’s Income Tax
  • Tolley’s Income Tax Archive
  • Tolley’s Practical Tax Newsletter
  • Tolley’s Tax Guide
  • Tolley’s Taxwise I
  • Tolley’s Value Added Tax
  • Tolley’s Value Added Tax Archive
  • Whillans Tax Tables
  • Yellow Tax Handbook
  • Yellow Tax Handbook Archive 14-15 to 17-18
  • Yellow Tax Handbook Archive 09-10 to 13-14
  • Yellow Tax Handbook Archive 04-05 to 08-09
  • Yellow Tax Handbook Archive 99-00 to 03-04
  • Accounting for Tax Professionals
  • Practical Guide to Tax Investigations

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