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How can you pay a penalty when they won’t take your money?

Frankly astonishing news from HMRC recently when they announced that they would no longer accept personal credit card payments to settle paye penalties. Which to me is bad enough but they also has said that they will not accept part payments by even a company credit card or debit card so in these circumstances its all or nothing it seems.

This announcement prompted Elaine Clark of “cheapaccounting” to say “Surly the role of HMRC is to collect tax. If someone is willing to settle debts, regardless of the source of the funds, isn’t it HMRC’s remit to collect tax on behalf of the Government”

This is madness personified isn’t it? If a client owed you money and wanted to make a part payment would you say “NO”? If they were willing to make the payment in full from a personal credit card would you say “NO”?

Yet here we are in the month where HMRC announce they have written of £29m in penalties and they are saying unless you pay us the correct way we won’t take your money, we will therefore spend even more time, resources, writing and chasing you for full payment only. How would you react to the demands when you had offered to pay in full from your Personal Credit card only to have the offer thrown back at you with the response being “Thanks but no thanks”

The world sometimes seems to be going mad and HMRC seem to be leading the charge to the asylum and Elaine summed it up in one word “Bonkers”

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