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Free Help with Covid-19 for Accountants – check it out

MyFirmsApp have set up a free Covid-19 support programme for accountants, as Dan Richards explains.

With the number of Covid-19 cases steadily falling, it appears that we have now turned a corner and will slowly be able to return to something resembling normality.

The past couple of months have been unprecedented in terms of the challenges faced and accountants have been particularly hard hit. The flow of Government information has been relentless and at a time of information overload, firms have been faced with finding a way to ‘dial down’ the irrelevant noise coming from multiple information sources and ensure colleagues only gain access to what’s important. The ICPA members who already work with us will know that providing high level statutory, financial and tax information to the profession within an App environment lies at the heart of our business. And now we are making our extensive library of Covid-19 information available free of charge to any accountant as part of our newly launched comprehensive Covid-19 Support Programme. Its aim is quite simply to help the profession at a time of crisis and includes a range of free resources including an editable e-book, a tailored App, webinars and topical guides.

Covid-19 editable e-book

The Covid-19 editable e-book puts curated content literally at the team’s fingertips and, at a time when we know resources are stretched, we have made sure that the e-book is downloadable as an editable template, so it carries the firm’s own branding and can be easily shared with clients, saving the practice both time and money.

Constantly updated information

For those that want to be able to access strategic information that is updated continually, there is also an option to download our free Covid-19 App. This delivers alerts directly to the home screen of the accountant’s smartphone whenever there is a change to the guidelines, and includes time saving tools such as profit adjustment and loan payment calculators.

What you’ll get includes:

  • Government briefings.
  • Detailed Business updates.
  • Important Employee information.
  • Self-Employed Income Support Scheme.
  • Government and NHS resources.
  • Useful links, carefully selected and covering a wide range of questions and needs.
  • Useful calculators (App only).
  • Wellbeing hints and tips.


Anyone working in the profession will know that accountants constantly face high expectations from their clients and a continual sprint to beat deadlines. This does not leave much time for talking but at a time of such intense stress, being able to download, plays an important part in helping achieve peak mental fitness.

With a large proportion of the UK workforce adapting to working from home, the impact on both physical and mental health is a very real consideration and wellbeing tools and processes are likely to become a vital part of maintaining a healthy and productive team.

Protecting the wellbeing of the team is an integral part of the Covid-19 Support Programme and we have teamed up with one of the country’s leading mindfulness coaches to bring tailored routines and simple to learn techniques to achieve peak mental fitness within easy reach.

Luke Doherty is the mindfulness coach for the highly successful Harlequins rugby team and also works with a number of top flight corporate clients. He has kindly contributed to the e-book and has also taken part in a special webinar on how accountants can learn simple tactics to help improve productivity, keep focused and reduce anxiety.

Silver linings

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed us in ways that are still undetermined and the future will not be as we thought just a few months ago. As we all approach the next stage, there will be need to be a period of reflection to look at what has worked and what attitudes and practices will be required in the immediate future. There is no guarantee that the old ways will come back.

Making this level of turnaround will require innovation and team work to emerge stronger. The early 20th-century British explorer Ernest Shackleton once noted, “Optimism is true moral courage” and these qualities are needed more than ever as accounting practices make the decisions that will shape the next normal.

• Daniel Richards, Strategic Partnerships Director, MyFirmsApp. To find out more about the Covid-19 Support Programme and to access your free resources go to: https://www.myfirmsapp.co.uk/covid-19-support-resources/

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