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Do you talk to your clients?

A strange question to ask isn’t it? Do you talk to your clients? Surely all accountants talk to their clients and there is no doubt truth in that answer. However, if you discount the calls to chase information, to obtain documents, to get documents signed and returned and sadly to chase payments I ask again do you talk to your clients?

Some will answer “Not personally, but we send emails and blogs and newsletters regularly to all our clients” but the question was not do you “communicate” with your clients but do you “talk” to your clients.

Newsletters, blog posts and the like have a place but naturally by their very natured that are not individual specific and are always generalisations in tone and content. Some may well be well written and thoughtful but if accessed by a client who has no interest or indeed has actually covered the topic they can be counterproductive as they are often consigned to spam rather than simply deleted which causes all sorts of problems going forward.

Your clients are individual, and they are all unique no two clients are the same whatever their occupation, trade, profession, business or setup and individuals all love to be made to feel wanted, welcomed, important and not just before they sign the engagement letter. Yes you can design and output emails and blogs and newsletters and then send them out and scrutinise the opened rate but is that enough?

I repeat the question “Do you talk to your clients?” why not broaden the reach or impact of your blog or newsletter by actually talking about it’s specifics with the clients that are most effected. Put that call through and actually talk with them and you know what your work day will not be so onerous, you will enjoy the actual explanatory process and you have every chance of steering the conversation towards a recommendation. Talking with a client should be the actual norm not the perceived norm.

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