Do you build your business on personal recommendations?

If your line of work means that you get a lot of business from the personal recommendation of former customers and that you always follow up on a lead that you are duly given then you know just how effective this form of business generation can be.

The question is do you always ask your customers for a recommendation? Do you say something like “I’m so pleased that you are happy with our work. Have you any friends or contacts that you think might use us going forward and maybe you could introduce me to them”

The fact is that if you have a customer who is really pleased with what you have done for them they can be your best business champions because they will want to show how clever they have been in securing a great job from you. The important fact is that if you ask for only one recommendation you may well not get any but if you ask for three the chances are that you will get at least one but maybe two.

So next time remember ask for three.

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