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Do clients Interact or talk?

Being in practice means two issues are vitally important to us, namely client acquisition and client retention.

Both are vital and both actually involve real people.

Existing clients are known to us, we have spoken to them on numerous if not countless times and we understand their business and their aspirations.

Potential clients are actually unknown to us and they have been recommended to us or have come across us via a search or an advert.

For our existing clients we know them and they know us, we understand how they like to be contacted whether they prefer email or to talk to us and depending on the nature of the issue we react as appropriate.

Potential clients are a whole other issue altogether and most likely their first impression of us as accountants is our website and no matter how good our site is, no matter how hard we work to make it friendly and inviting it is a website only.

With websites you interact but with clients you talk and by talking you develop relationships that you hope will develop, try developing a relationship with a website.

The point is to move potential clients away from interacting with your site to actually talking with you and/or your team as soon as possible. Only then will you be able to judge what is important to them, how much value they place on the work you may do for them etc. and this is done predominately by verbal communication.

Do the best you can with your website but move the agenda along to get to talk with potential clients as soon as you can because by actually talking with them you will increase the chances of gaining a new client or you may even decide you actually don’t want them, as a client. 

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