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DAS and MTD have they and will they go away?

In an speech given to the CIOT recently the outgoing HMRC Chairman Edward Traup (pre knighthood award) gave some insight into the MTD situation and DAS.

Regarding MTD the outgoing chairman said he viewed the journey to MTD as making dealing with HMRC as “the same broad process or experience as online banking or dealing with your gas bill” and that MTD going forward was “completely unstoppable”. So no room for doubt there then.

In describing MTD and the future for taxpayers he said they would “effectively just runs sensible accounting software or is linked up to an app on their iphone and every few months we tell them this is where you are and here’s what your likely bill is going to be for the year. Where do the advisers fit in? They do, in all sorts of ways.”

Will it ever get to this stage? As they say time alone will tell but so far HMRC’s tech has not been good enough to give certainty to anyone once a year let alone whenever I feel like it on my mobile. Which is of course not to say that it isn’t achievable but at this moment in time it does seem a long way away from logging into my app and getting an up to date tax liability situation.

Back in July 2015 when interviewed by Giles Mooney for TaxTv I discussed DAS (Differentiated Agent Services) which with the march of MTD and RTI this was put on the back foot as HMRC’s resources were being stretched but interestingly Mr Troup’s interview brought it back into the domain and it has obviously been “bubbling under” as we used to say at HMRC as he said “Differentiating our degree of scrutiny of a client because of the historic, assessed performance of the adviser… is quite a provocative statement when you put it like that… There is scope for discussion.”

I really want to be involved in that particular discussion.

For the full text checkout the CIOT website

By Tony Margaritelli (Chairman, ICPA). 

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