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Cloud Storage: What’s The Fuss About?

According to a study by Cleardata, 72% of UK accountants use filing cabinets and drawers as their primary storage options. Some 17% also store their documents in sheds and garages! Aside from the obvious issues around security and the attendant GDPR concerns, storing documents in this way is inefficient and a drain on your time. What’s more, it’s hardly environmentally friendly and, even worse, what happens if your home, office or garage floods or suffers some other unforeseen event?

We’re all familiar with cloud technology, indeed it’s likely that many of you will already be using cloud-based accounting software such as Xero or Quickbooks, but have you thought about the efficiencies to be gained by storing and sending your documents in the cloud?

So, what are the benefits that storing and sending documents in the cloud can bring to your business?

• In-built security and compliance. Cloud storage can help keep your documents safe from both human error and cybercriminals. SmartVault is GDPR-compliant, with bank-grade encryption both at rest and in-transit.

• Automatic back-ups. You never have to worry about losing your laptop or your hard drive failing with cloud storage – we automatically back up files as soon as they are uploaded.

• Access your documents anywhere. Need to send out a document but don’t have your computer? Cloud technology means you can log into our portal on any internet-connected device, anywhere in the world!

• Automate your workflow. From collecting files from clients to eSigning within the platform and automatic filing, SmartVault helps you reach peak efficiency in as few clicks as possible.

• Unlimited growth. The beauty of cloud technology is that you can add unlimited clients (for free!) and you won’t experience degraded service (common with on-premise document storage) as you continue to add clients & documents to your SmartVault account.

Using cloud storage can save time and money, while providing an easy and secure way to share important documents with your clients.

Over 20,000 accounting & business professionals trust SmartVault to share documents with over 1,000,000 clients. We’re also the only solution chosen by TaxCalc to integrate document management into their Practise Manager solution.

As the leading document management solution built for accountants, we understand your unique workflow, security, and compliance needs better than anyone else. Our staff will help you seamlessly import your clients and train you and your team, allowing you to be up and running with SmartVault within a few minutes. Plus, our dedicated UK support team is always here if you get stuck.


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