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Client Meetings: Do you plan enough

Do you stick to the tried and trusted method of client engagement as a minimum once a year to review and discuss the year end figures and allied taxation implications? If you do will you actually plan for the meeting in some depth or simply rely on the notes affixed to the file covering the GP% and tax if applicable possibly with a short review of the last few year’s performance? Will you even pass a copy of the notes to the client beforehand? Or will you simply rely on your experience to pick up the obvious points from the Accounts and Tax Computation and see how the meeting develops? Always remembering of course to ask the client to recommend you his or her family and friends at the end.

If the client was aware that the only planning you put into meeting with them was so short and circumspect would they be happy? Turn the table round and imagine that you were in a meeting with say a Tax Consultant that you were looking for to provide specific advice and the Consultant flicked though a folder or file and was obviously struggling to find anything pertinent to say once they had covered a couple of items would you be best pleased?

Without clients your practice is worthless and every client deserves the best you can offer and you can never know whether the particular client sitting before you at any one moment could be the one that recommends your next biggest client. If you believe it is important to meet with your clients then at least take the time to plan and think about them well in advance so that any meeting is helpful, informative fact finding for both parties and mutually rewarding.

If you find your meetings becoming perfunctory and frankly boring for you imagine how they are for the client.

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