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Challenging times made easier with ICPA and Rhino Trade Insurance

Accountants need clients and when our clients suffer, then we suffer too (to varying degrees). Covid has been a singular driver in making our clients suffer.

We have done our level best to help and we have helped million of taxpayers and businesses survive and obtain all the help that is available to them. Frankly, we should all take a bow and I applaud each and every one of you for all your work to date. An awful lot of this work has come at a cost to your own wellbeing as you have burned the midnight oil doing research before getting the message out.

The ICPA understand this and we think it’s time you did something for your practice that will take minimal time, will help significant numbers of your clients, and earn you not just thanks but ongoing monetary rewards in the form of commission.

I know of very few practices that don’t have any clients working in the construction sector, either as a contractor or sub-contractors, and across all manner of trades – from bricklayers to carpenters to flooring contractors to painters and decorators to carpet fitters to plumbing and heating engineers to gas fitters to bathroom fitters to kitchen installers to all things electrical. And lots more besides. We all know that they need insurance, and when we review their accounts we often are amazed about how much they have to pay, aren’t we?

With this in mind we’ve teamed up with Rhino Trade Insurance to offer every member the ability to send their clients to Rhino Trade Insurance, where they can get an online quote that will be incredibly low. When they buy the cover you will earn a great 10% initial commission on the price paid. But, being the ICPA, we didn’t stop there, and we have agreed that for each subsequent year your client renews a further 5% is paid.

Clients need insurance and this is quality insurance at exceptional prices. Just check out the five-star reviews, and earn yourself a respectable commission for doing the right thing by your client.

Everything is explained on the website; there is just the matter of a simple Introducers Agreement, and then you can send your clients to Rhino giving them your discount code and they will get the best price available. It’s that simple and that’s what we do at the ICPA –  keep things simple.

We hear a huge amount about ‘adding value’ to clients and being a ‘proactive accountant’, most of which is often smoke and mirrors. But a simple search of your client list should throw up all the clients that can benefit, and then you can contact them with your discount code and help them save money (and earn some yourself, courtesy of your ICPA membership). Surely this is the definition of proactive.

If you’re not an ICPA member and you are waiting for your organisation to help you, or are wondering why they haven’t, then good luck with that. You could and some might say you should join the ICPA, because we constantly think about ways to help. Together with Rhino Trade Insurance we’ve just done exactly that – AGAIN!

• Tony Margaritelli, Chairman, ICPA

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