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AccountingWEB launches a digital platform

Digital events platform launched to help accountants survive and thrive.

The Covid-19 crisis is an event that has completely disconnected the backbones of the world’s economies – and the UK is no exception. In an attempt to mitigate the crisis, the government has released wave after wave of new initiatives and schemes to safeguard the country’s businesses.

We know, however, as the readers of this magazine do, that it’s accounting professionals who are often the unseen forces that keep business and, especially localised, economies moving.

Today the profession is facing the biggest disruption and shift in behaviours in decades. There are stories of long hours and fee income being eroded as accountants go the extra mile for clients – all of which puts a massive strain on their wellbeing, their businesses and their families.

These individuals are most often just that – lone professionals or practice owners disconnected from other members of their profession outside of their daily business operations.

As accountants seek out the answers to support both themselves and clients, AccountingWEB, the UK’s largest community of independent accounting and finance professionals, has been working hard to meet that increased need for information – and connection.

That’s why at AccountingWEB we are launching a new digital events platform in June, AccountingWEB Live. Featuring video panels, head-to-head debates, long-form interviews, industry roundtables, and CPD workshops, alongside our existing webinar and podcast programme. The new platform is dedicated to helping accountants navigate the tough times ahead and bring together the accounting community to emerge fitter and stronger.

AccountingWEB Live will be launching with five broad themes in June. Three of these core themes will deal with the ‘now, next and future’ for accounting firms, directly addressing what’s really needed for firm digital transformation and skill set. Two additional themes take a deep dive into the evolving UK SME landscape and the changing qualifications for what it takes to be considered a modern finance leader.

Presenters will include AccountingWEB’s own John Stokdyk and Richard Hattersley, plus such high-profile names as Rebecca Benneyworth MBE, leading payroll lecturer Kate Upcraft, Mazuma Money’s Lucy Cohen, Heather Townsend (Accountants Millionaires’ Club), Zoe Whitman and more.

Like everything at AccountingWEB, our new digital events suite will be driven by the needs of the accounting profession and guided by industry experts.

Share your voice and join the conversation as part of the largest independent community of accounting and finance professionals within the UK this June.

To register go to www.accountingweb.co.uk/accountingweb-live

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